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About me

Virginia Sherborne

After starting out training to be an accountant in the City of London, I soon moved over to secondary school teaching in 1988 and continued until 2018. In 2007 I decided to train to be a counsellor at Sheffield Hallam University and I qualified with my Counselling Diploma in 2010.

My first area of specialist training was at Cruse Bereavement Care. After seeing adult clients for a couple of years, I was invited to train to support bereaved children and young people. Eventually I joined the Cruse Trainers’ Register and helped to train other volunteers. The age range of bereaved people I have worked with spans 6 years old through to 82!

In 2008 I began seeing clients at Sheffield Rape and Sexual Abuse after completing a rigorous training process. Helping these clients become more empowered and take control of their lives felt like a great privilege. From 2011-2017 I provided trauma therapy part-time at Sheffield Women’s Counselling and Therapy Service.

I began my private practice in 2010. Clients have been choosing to come and see me since then for a wide variety of reasons. Issues have included bereavement, depression, anxiety, sexual abuse, transition to retirement, workplace trauma, anger management, infertility, relationship problems. Sometimes clients know they want counselling, but aren’t sure what the specific issues would be, and they come to me because I have a broad mix of experience, both in my training and in my own life.

Some of my private clients have arrived wanting to talk about parenting, as this is one of my specialist areas. When my son was born I realised I wanted to be more confident about parenting, so I took a Parent Effectiveness Training (PET) course. This style of parenting totally matched my own values, and in 2003 I completed the training to become a PET facilitator. Since then I have passed on this valuable learning both to groups and individuals.

In 2011 I completed the Foundation Course in Art Therapy run by Sheffield NHS Trust. This gave me extra insight and skills in helping clients express themselves using creative methods, and I always have art materials available for any clients who feel comfortable or curious about working in this way.

In 2015 I achieved Accredited status with BACP.

In 2016 I attended the Diploma Training in Specialist Psychotherapy with Ex-Boarders, led by Nick Duffell.

I also completed EMDR training Parts 1 and 2 in 2016, and Part 3 in 2018.

In 2017 I completed my MA in Trauma Studies at Nottingham University.

From 2017-2019 I was a tutor for the 2nd year counselling diploma at The Academy:SPACE in Sheffield.

Since 2019 I have been a case study writer for BACP.

Counselling, psychotherapy and training based in Sheffield