Counselling, psychotherapy and training based in Sheffield

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How I work

My approach is Person-Centred. It’s based on the idea that each person has the potential to reach individual fulfilment with the right conditions. As a person-centred counsellor, I aim to provide a relationship with each client which provides these conditions. The client feels accepted and understood at a deep level, does not feel judged, and experiences me as being genuine and authentic. My clients learn to trust their own judgment, to identify their own feelings and their own values. They are able to respond to individual situations more creatively and flexibly, and become more open to experience.

My aim with each client is to get to know what it is like to be them, to understand from the inside how they see the world and experience situations. I listen to what changes they would like to make, and use my experience and knowledge to help them find the way forward which is right for them.

Within this non-directive approach, I can offer my clients the chance to use techniques to suit them individually. For example, a client who feels stuck in a cycle of negative thinking could be helped by learning strategies from CBT. Someone who finds it difficult to identify their feelings might enjoy using art materials to begin expressing their emotions. I can help a client who is experiencing traumatic flashbacks to use specific techniques to minimise these symptoms. The heart of the Person-Centred approach is that it tailors the therapeutic work to suit each individual.

Counselling, psychotherapy and training based in Sheffield