Counselling, psychotherapy and training based in Sheffield

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My Values

Integrity – I aim always to work in an ethical way and to be trustworthy.

Honesty – I offer my clients an honest relationship, where I’m not thinking one thing and saying another, and I value an honest response from them.

Non-judgmental attitude – My clients often mention that this is what they specially value about the experience of therapy with me, and it may be the first time in their whole life they have felt what it is like not to be judged.

Compassion – When a client tells me they know that I really care, then I know they have understood that compassion is at the heart of what I offer.

Courage – Setting out on a journey of exploration in therapy takes courage from my clients, and it takes courage from me, to be fully with them even if they need to explore the most painful or scary feelings and experiences.

Hope – Time and again, I have shared clients’ joy and excitement when they finally feel free to be themselves and to live the life they have been hoping for.

Creativity – I am constantly amazed at the power of human creativity to powerfully solve problems and move towards healing.

Counselling, psychotherapy and training based in Sheffield